This application creates simple diagrams. More complicated diagrams can be created online with Lucid Chart or Google Drive.
Enter inputs
Replace the causes in this example Ishikawa diagram with your observations. The branches ('Provider', 'Patient', etc) can be removed, replaced, or added to. See Wikipedia for explanations of:
  • HBM (Health belief model)
  • TTM (Transtheoretical model)
'Provider'=c('Distracted','Unaware','Inaccessible knowledge','Nonparsable documentation','Not motivated','Not done: reason unknown'), 'Patient'=c('No visit during time period','Multiple complaints','TTM: early stage','HBM: ____', 'No resource: _____'), 'System'=c('Acute vs continuity visit', 'Specialty vs primary care', 'Personnel absent','Supplies unavailable','Bean counting error'), 'Personnel'=c('Distracted','Inaccessible knowledge','Nonparsable documentation','Not done: reason unknown','Not motivated','Not empowered')



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This is an OpenCPU application.

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